Nevada joins states ensuring abortion access

CARSON CITY — Nevada ensured abortion access with the signing of two bills last week. TV station News 4 reported that Gov. Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, signed the bills on Friday. From News 4:
The first, Senate Bill 179 or the Trust Nevada Women Act, would decriminalize outdated abortion laws in Nevada. “I have been disappointed by the recent uptick in efforts in other states to restrict women’s right to choose, and I am especially proud today to be a Nevadan, where we protect a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her own body,” said Gov. Sisolak in his comments before signing this bill. The bill would remove punishments for those seeking an abortion and protect doctors who perform them.

Nevada the latest state to ban gay, trans panic defenses

CARSON CITY — Nevada has become the fourth state to ban the gay and trans panic defenses. Illinois is one of those four states. The others are California and Rhode Island. NBC OUT reported that Senate Bill 97 signed into law on Tuesday. It prohibits defendants from using a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or expression as a defense in a criminal case.