Illinois Bear

chiGAYgo LGBT Comedy with Mr. Illinois Bear, Illinois Cub

CHICAGO — Scott Duff and Laugh Factory Chicago will welcome Mr. Illinois Bear Jason Shiver-Simpson and Mr. Illinois Cub Adam Lawrence as their guests for a night of hilarious LGBT themed comedy and fun! This event will showcase some very funny comics and also support the “Grin and Bear It” Campaign. We would like to get 100+ butts in the seats for this event! We will have raffles, swag and cookies…yes COOKIES, to make this event a special one. We are asking a $10 suggested donation for the event.

Video – Ted: Restricted Trailer

Tom WrayWCB EditorThe new trailer for Seth McFarlane’s (Family Guy) first live action (sorta) movie. It stars Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, a guy who wished that his teddy bear Ted (voice by Seth McFarlane) would come to life… about 30 years ago. You know that kind of friend who’s a bit needy but you just can’t drop him? Kinda like that.