One-third of Americans would not be surprised if another Stonewall happened

Millennials are more aware of the Stonewall riots than other generations. WASHINGTON — A new The Hill/YouGov survey released today found that only one in four Americans approve of the Trump administration’s handling of LGBTQ issues. And 33%, a full third, would not be surprised if another event like Stonewall took place today. The Hill reported that while the Republicans gave stronger support than Democrats, a majority of both do not approve how the administration is handling LGBTQ issues. More than two-thirds (67%) of Democrats disapproved of its handling.


Equality Act passes U.S. House

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Equality Act on Friday. It now goes to the Senate. The Washington Post reported that the bill passed 236-to-173, with eight Republicans breaking ranks and joining all Democrats in backing the measure. Whether or not it gets a vote in the Senate is another question. Trump has already voiced opposition to it.

Lipinski flips on Equality Act, will support

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep Dan Lipinski (D-Western Springs) announced this week that he will support the Equality Act. A vote on the Equality Act is expected today. The Hill reported that Lipinski had come under fire for his stance on the bill by his liberal primary challenger Marie Newman. Lipinski is considered the most conservative Democrat in the House and was the only House Dem not to co-sponsor the bill. The website said the representative made the announcement during a speech on the House floor.

Washington Blade: Trump opposes Equality Act

WASHINGTON — The Washington Blade on Monday reported that the Trump administration is opposing the Equality Act. “The Trump administration absolutely opposes discrimination of any kind and supports the equal treatment of all; however, this bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights,” a senior administration official said in an email to the newspaper. The Blade reported that Trump had supported adding the LGBTQ community to the Civil Rights Act when he was considering a presidential run in 2000. 

The act would modify existing civil rights legislation to ban discrimination against LGBTQ people in employment, housing, public accommodations, jury service, education, federal programs and credit. According to the Blade, it would expand the definition of public accommodations to include retail stores, banks, transportation services and health care services and establish that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act can’t be used to enable anti-LGBT discrimination. The act was introduced in the House in March.

GLADD calls on Lipinski to support Equality Act

NEW YORK — GLAAD has called on U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Western Springs) to support the Equality Act. Lipinski, seen as the most conservative Democrat in the House, is the only Democrat to not support the Equality Act. GLAAD launched a digital campaign asking Illinoisans to demand the Congressman support the Equality Act. The campaign on Lipinski comes as GLAAD also urged U.S. Senator Joe Manchin in March to also reverse course and support the bill, which would help solidify protections for 58,000 West Virginians identifying as LGBTQ. Lipinski has said he’s worried about the Equality Acts impact on “religious liberty.” 

“Congressman Dan Lipinski’s concerns about the balance between religion and government are a false flag.


U.S. House could vote on Equality Act next week

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House of Representatives could vote on the Equality Act next week, the Washington Blade reported Monday. A congressional aid told the newspaper that the official announcement will be on Friday. 

The Equality Act was reintroduced in March with 240 co-sponsors, including three Republicans. U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski was the only Illinois Democrat who wouldn’t sign on to co-sponsor the Equality Act. The act was also endorsed by the NAACP. The Blade reported that Republicans in the House have an opportunity to stop the bill with a motion to recommit, a legislative maneuver that forces a vote on an amendment the majority would otherwise not allow to come up.


NAACP endorses Equality Act

WASHINGTON — On Friday, the NAACP endorsed the Equality Act, the federal LGBTQ anti-discrimination bill that was introduced last week. From NBC OUT:

“We support what it does — and we support it now,” Hilary Shelton, the organization’s D.C. bureau director, told NBC News on Friday. “It’s important that it gets through.”
Shelton said the group had previously endorsed the bill in meetings with two of its sponsors, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., and Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I.
The NAACP, which was founded in 1909, was instrumental in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which banned discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex and national origin; enforced desegregation of schools and the right to vote; and required equal access to public places and employment. Shelton told NBC OUT that, “We believe the same protections that we have worked for so hard over the 110 years of the NAACP should be extended to all Americans, particularly members of the LGBTQ community.”

This isn’t the first time the NAACP has supported the LGBTQ community. The group had supported the LGBTQ protections in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and in the Affordable Care Act.


Lipinski only Illinois Democrat to not support Equality Act

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski was the only Illinois Democrat who wouldn’t sign on to co-sponsor the Equality Act that passed the U.S. House last week, according to Roll Call. Lipinski, who represents the southwest suburbs of Chicago, is considered on of the most conservative Democrats in Congress. From Roll Call:
Lipinski said in a statement to Roll Call that he supports the “goals of the legislation.” But he did not co-sponsor it on its initial introduction Wednesday because it would conflict with his stance on religious liberties. He said he is working with his House colleagues to resolve the issue. “I believe that LGBTQ people should be protected from discrimination and afforded equal treatment under law in public life,” he said.


Equality Act reintroduced in Congress

WASHINGTON — The Equality Act was reintroduced by House Democrats yesterday. According to NBC OUT, the act would modify existing civil rights legislation to ban discrimination against LGBTQ people in employment, housing, public accommodations, jury service, education, federal programs and credit. From NBC OUT:

“In most states in this country, a gay couple can be married on Saturday, post their wedding photos to Instagram on Sunday, and lose their jobs or get kicked out of their apartments on Monday just because of who they are,” said David Cicilline, D-R.I., the bill’s main sponsor in the House and one of 10 openly LGBTQ members of Congress. “This is wrong.” “We are reintroducing the Equality Act in order to fix this,” he added.