Wal-Mart to get rid of violent video game displays but keep guns, despite another incident

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.— Wal-mart announced Friday that it would stop selling violent video games but keep selling guns. The company made the announcement the same day a man in Missouri was arrested after entering a Wal-mart store with ammo, a rifle and body armor. According to the Associated Press, the company has told employees to remove any marketing material, turn off or unplug video game consoles that show violent games and to monitor and turn off any violence depicted on screens in its electronics departments. The AP said they were also told to turn off hunting season videos in the sporting goods department where guns are sold. From the Associated Press:

“We’ve taken this action out of respect for the incidents of the past week,” said spokeswoman Tara House in an email to The Associated Press on Friday.

U.S. Rep. Davis still opposed background check legislation

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville) told CNN he still opposed a background check bill calling it a “partisan show bill,” despite shootings in Chicago, El Paso and Dayton over the weekend. 

CNN said the bill passed the House earlier this year but has stalled in the Senate. “I would not consider changing the vote that I made because that bill was nothing but a partisan show bill. That bill wouldn’t have addressed the problems that we see with fixing what Democrats even call a loophole,” Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis told CNN’s John Berman on “New Day.” From CNN:
The bill, HR 8, would require background checks on all firearm sales in the country. Currently, only licensed gun dealers must perform background checks for anyone seeking to purchase a firearm, but most unlicensed sellers do not.

U.S. Rep. Kelly says Senate Leader McConnell is the greatest threat to family safety

MATTESON — U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Chicago) called U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell  “the greatest threat to the safety of America’s families” on Monday. Kelly made the statement in response to the shootings this past weekend in Chicago, El Paso and Dayton. She said that McConnell’s repeated blocking of gun control legislation

Her full statement:
On Friday night, families in Chicago, El Paso and Dayton went to bed with thriving, living family members. By Sunday night, all of that had changed, for the worst, because of the gun violence that has become an epidemic in our nation. For too long, Congress has been frozen when it comes to addressing this violence.

Gun dealers sue over new Illinois licensing law

SPRINGFIELD — Gun dealers and the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) have sued to stop a state law that would require gun dealers in Illinois to have a state license in addition to the federal one they already have. Capitol News Illinois reported that the law, the Firearm Dealer License Certification Act, also has other new requirements to qualify for a state license. They include requiring stores to install adequate security, including video surveillance, exterior lighting and alarm systems; employees undergoing at least two hours per year of training in how to comply with state gun laws; and having adequate plans in place for the safe storage of firearms and ammunition during retail hours and after closing. The state license will cost $300 for private sales, $1,500 for retail locations. According to Capitol News, a federal license is $90.

Gun control bill heads to Illinois Senate

SPRINGFIELD — A bill that requires fingerprinting for a gun permit in Illinois passed the Illinois House on Wednesday. It now goes to the Senate. WBEZ reported that the bill was prompted by a shooting in Aurora in February. Lawmakers did try to tweak the bill to satisfy gun rights groups, but, according to the radio station, the Illinois State Rifle Association is promising a legal challenge should the bill become law. From WBEZ:
The bill is sponsored by state Rep. Kathleen Willis and is meant to address longstanding loopholes in the state’s gun permitting process that were exposed when Gary Martin killed five people and wounded five officers in a shooting at an Aurora manufacturing plant.