Women’s groups plan marches for inauguration anniversary

SPRINGFIELD — A coalition of women’s groups from across the state are planning marches Chicago, Springfield and Carbondale on Jan. 20. According to a press release, Women’s March Chicago, Action Illinois and Women United Network are organizing statewide marches in celebration of the first anniversary of the Women’s Marches of 2017. Named the March on the Polls, it’s to encourage women and their allies to get involved in the upcoming primary election and general election and encouraging a huge turnout of female voters. “We are proud to be able to bring women across the state of Illinois an opportunity to participate in a March close to home on the anniversary of the historic Women’s Marches that were integral to the swell of grassroots activism seen across the country in the past year,” Women’s March Chicago said in the release.

Illinois Women March on Springfield April 25 for progressive agenda, responsible budget

SPRINGFIELD — More than 50 organizations have joined a coalition to educate and organize around dozens of progressive bills being proposed in the Illinois House and Senate this session. They will bring together people across the state for the Illinois Women March on Springfield for a progressive agenda and responsible budget for all, Tuesday, April 25, 2017. The bills include the Women’s Agenda, the People’s Agenda of labor issues, plus issues including immigration, homelessness, criminal legal reform, the environment, LGBTQ, gun safety efforts, healthcare, economics, education and passing a responsible budget in Illinois. The complete agenda, with more bills expected, is available on the March website: http://www.illinoiswomenmarchonspringfield.org. The march is in the spirit of the Jan.