Fall Club Rush in Chicago

CHICAGO — Looking to give back to the community? Interested in a exploring your fetishes? Now that you are spending less time on the beach or in the park, you might be looking for something else to get into. Our busy fall continues this Friday with our annual FALL CLUB RUSH PARTY. Over our 40 year history, Touché has been the home of many local leather/fetish clubs.

Sex and relationships educator event in Chicago

CHICAGO – The first event focused on crowd-sourced training and networking for emerging sexuality and relationship educators in the city has been announced! Calling all emerging educators in the Chicago area! This November 11, the first Sexuality and Relationships Educator Skill Share will launch a with a one-day event to help connect, nurture, and empower educators through a combination of educator-led classes & open sourced workshops run by attendees. We know that creating more diversity in those that educate is critical to the growth of the communities that rely on that education, however, educators are often limited in their ability to practice their skills by issues of money, geography, physical accessibility, and other factors. We want to create a weekend to help gives educators to work with each other to grow, both in skills and in ways to break down those barriers and create richness in the communities that they serve.

Chicago lesbian BDSM author wins Goldie Award

CHICAGO — Give Me Thorns, A Lesbian BDSM Romance, by Elizabeth Andre won a Golden Crown Literary Award for best erotica last month. The Golden Crown Literary Society is an organization dedicated to the promotion and recognition of lesbian literature and presented the award at its annual convention in Chicago in July. Elizabeth Andre is a Chicago-based author who has published many works over the past couple of decades. Give Me Thorns is also a finalist for a Golden Flogger Award from the BDSM Writers Convention and has received an honorable mention from the Rainbow Awards. “In 1990 I was at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival when the leatherdykes were banned from the land.

Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable: Passion and Play, Feb. 18

CHICAGO — Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable is a discussion and social group for everyone 18 and over who is involved in, exploring, or curious about power exchange relationships. This includes M/s, D/s, Sir/ boy, and Trainer relationships, as well as any other relationships that defy labels but incorporate consensual power exchange. Attendees do not need to be actively in a relationship to attend, and all levels of experience (including none!) are welcome. Our topic for February is… “Passion & Play in Power Exchange”

Power exchange relationships are rich opportunities to satisfy our needs, both serious and fun.

Riverbound February Play Party, Feb. 25

DAVENPORT — Our February play party is designed to help warm up your cold winter blood. We will not have a demo this month, so play can start much earlier! We have reserved a large play space for our play party. Doors will open at 6pm, so plan to arrive between 6 and 7pm. If you plan to arrive later than that, there will be contact information in the rsvp information to gain entrance.

Illinois Leather Alliance looking for 2017 contestants

CHICAGO — The Illinois Leather Alliance is looking for contestants for this year’s contest at the Leather Archives & Museum on March 17 and 18 in Chicago. There are five contests people can enter:
Illinois Leather Sir/Leather boy Contest
The Illinois Leather Sir / Leather boy titleholders represent the sexual side of Leather. Leather Sir/Leather boy titleholders educate newcomers, network with their leather brothers and support the erotic expression of Leather and Leathersex! (Click here for more information.)

Illinois Ms. Leather Pride Contest
Ms. Leather Pride titleholders promote a positive image of the women’s alternative sex-positive community, including Leather/BDSM/fetish communities. They will have the opportunity to wear many hats: mentor, educator, role model, advocate. (Click here for more information.)

Illinois Puppy/Trainer Contest
The Illinois Puppy/Trainer titles reflect the diversity, excitement and energy that comes from human puppy play and Puppy/Trainer interaction.

CU-RACK February Weekend Event

MONTICELLO — This month, we will be taking another, much requested tour of the Sybian Factory. The factory is located in the country, outside of Monticello, IL. We will have a tour provided by an employee, including information about the creation and use of the Sybian and Venus products. Other topics discussed will include toy care, how to clean and sanitize them, and how to protect them and yourself if you are sharing. A bootblack will also be available for a brief talk about how to clean and polish leather.

Squire’s Corner: D.T.R – Defining the Relationship

I received a letter from a fan of Squire’s Corner who is going through a difficult time re-acclimating herself back into the dating world after a messy divorce. She had been reading not just this column but also my blogsite http://thrusquireseyes.squarespace.com. The subject of her email was; “How Did I Know So Much?” I was flattered by this as I don’t think anyone can know so much, especially not me. I don’t carry any special psychology, social or philosophy degrees but I do have a BA in English so that just makes me a half-way decent writer. In response to her complimentary claim, I told her that my writing comes from my experiences, those that worked and the ones that haven’t.