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Judge says Kentucky clerk violated same-sex couples’ rights

A federal judge ruled on Saturday that former Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis violated same-sex couples' rights when she denied them marriage licenses. Kim...

Social Security allowing benefits to survivors of same-sex couples who couldn’t marry

The Social Security Administration is now allowing same-sex couples who weren't able to marry because of state laws to apply for survivor benefits. On Sunday,...

Marriage equality has record high support

A new Gallup poll found that support for marriage equality is at 70%, a record high. Gallup said that the figure is an increase of...

Marriage license name change legislation passes Senate

The Illinois Senate passed House Bill 2590 on Friday, May 28. House Bill 2590 requires county clerks in Illinois to issue new marriage certificates...

General Assembly passes marriage license modernization bill

The Illinois General Assembly has passed a bill that would allow people to update and use a gender-neutral marker on marriage licenses in the...

SCOTUS refuses Indiana birth certificate case

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a case that would have let Indiana refuse to list same-sex parents on a birth...

St. Louis LGBTQ couples marry ahead of new SCOTUS justice

ST. LOUIS — An LGBTQ organization in the St. Louis area are hosting pop-up weddings for couples ahead of Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation, local media reported Monday.

Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions in film

ROME — Pope Francis endorsed same-sex civil unions in a documentary that premiered in Rome on Wednesday.

Justices slam marriage equality ruling after SCOTUS refuses Kim Davis case

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito said that Obergefell v. Hodges had “ruinous consequences for religious liberty” after the court refused an appeal by Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis.

Court rules for same-sex partners denied access to Social Security survivor’s benefits

SEATTLE — On Friday, a federal district judge adopted the recommendation of a magistrate judge and struck down as unconstitutional the U.S. Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) categorical denial of survivor’s benefits to surviving same-sex partners.

Lambda Legal to Colorado Supreme Court: Marriage is marriage

DENVER — Lambda Legal filed amicus briefs in two Colorado Supreme Court cases about the recognition of common law marriages with same-sex couples on Wednesday.

Court rules same-sex spouses have access Social Security survivor benefits

TUCSON — On Wednesday, a federal district court ruled that the U.S. Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) refusal to consider the claims for survivor’s benefits by same-sex spouses who were unable to be married for nine months because of state marriage bans is unconstitutional.

Federal court says birth certificates should list both mothers in same-sex marriages

CHICAGO — The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals last week ruled in favor of women who sued to have both their names on their children's birth certificate. The case involves Indiana's birth certificate law. The Indiana Lawyer reported that the women filed a lawsuit in 2015 after they were prohibited from including both their names on their children’s birth certificates.

Appeals court rules Kentucky must pay Kim Davis’s legal costs

LOUISVILLE — The Sixth Court of Appeals ruled Friday that Kentucky must pay the legal fees related to from county clerk Kim Davis refusing...

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