Sunday, July 3, 2022

Tag: outrageous

Komen For The Cure Senior VP Resigns Over Planned Parenthood Flap

By Wendy GittlesonAddictingInfo.orgKaren Handel, Senior VP is the Susan G. Komen foundation, and the person widely held responsible for last week’s public relations debacle...

OPINION: Are We Turning into What We Fought

By Jeff WilloughbyI remember a time when gays weren't as elitist as the people who once discriminated against us. I guess we are now...

NPR isn’t in danger, it’s the rest of public broadcasting

You've no doubt heard by now of the U.S. House vote to cut funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The focus has mostly...

Arkansas School Board Member Says Gay Students Should ‘Get AIDS and Die’

by Michael A. Jones Change.orgIt's scary to think that a person who believes gay kids deserve suicide has a position of power within a...

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