Illinois HIV Action Alliance seeks responses for survey on HIV laws

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois HIV Action Alliance (IHAA) is looking for people to participate in an anonymous survey about awareness of Illinois HIV laws. In a post on the Illinois HIV Care Connect blog, the IHAA wants to  understand what people know about Illinois laws regarding HIV and how that affects them. IHAA will use this information to inform advocacy efforts, including building educational materials and outreach activities centered on the voices of people living with HIV and HIV-negative individuals who are at risk. You can take the survey here.

More data needed on LGBTQ youth of color in child welfare, juvenile justice systems

LOS ANGELES — A collection of working papers at the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law found this week there is a lack of knowledge about LGBTQ youth of color in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems

The Williams Institute conducts research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy. “We lack rigorous data on LGBTQ youth in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems and other systems, which prevents us from monitoring the well-being of this vulnerable population over time,” said co-editor Kerith J. Conron, Blachford-Cooper Distinguished Scholar and Research Director at the Williams Institute, in a press release. In April, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families announced that it will not implement an Obama-era rule that required child welfare departments to gather and report data related to the sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression of youth in the foster care system. “The data collection requirement aimed to improve our understanding of the characteristics and experiences of youth coming in and out of the system,” said co-editor Bianca D.M. Wilson, the Rabbi Barbara Zacky Senior Scholar of Public Policy at the Williams Institute. “With those data, we would be able to analyze whether there are gaps in care, whether there are certain groups experiencing disparities and whether the systems’ efforts to reduce disparities among at-risk youth are effective.”

The Institute said that existing research has found that LGBTQ youth of color are overrepresented in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Structural racism and LGBTQ stigma likely increase the risk of that LGBTQ youth of color will enter these systems. Once in the system, LGBTQ youth of color tend to remain longer and face an elevated risk of discrimination and violence compared to other groups of youth.

Study find sexual orientation changes, develops well into adulthood


CHICAGO — A new study has found that “gay, bisexual, straight” don’t capture the full range of sexuality and that it can change over time. The study from the Journal of Sex Research analysed surveys from around 12,000 students, and found that substantial changes in attractions, partners, and sexual identity are common from late adolescence to the early 20s, and from the early 20s to the late 20s, indicating that sexual orientation development continues long past adolescence into adulthood. The results also show distinct development pathways for men and women, with women being more fluid over time. “Sexual orientation involves many aspects of life, such as who we feel attracted to, who we have sex with, and how we self-identify,” Christine Kaestle, a professor of developmental health at Virginia Tech and one of the researchers, told MedicalXpress. “Until recently, researchers have tended to focus on just one of these aspects, or dimensions, to measure and categorize people.

UofI LGBT Resource Center looking for research study participants

CHAMPAIGN — The University of Illinois LGBT Resource center announced a search for research study participants on Friday. From their Facebook post:


The purpose of this research study is to assess emerging issues confronting Black/African American intersex people with medical professionals. To participate in this research, you must:
• Be intersex
• Be Black/African American
• Be 18 years old or older

Participation in this study involves:
• Up to 2 interviews by video chat, phone or in person
• Each interview will last 30-60 minutes

To find out more information about this study,
please contact Alishia Alexander at:
• Phone: **Please contact the LGBTRC Staff if you would like this researcher’s contact number**
• Email: