Woman says Springfield Catholic school withdrew job offer over orientation

SPRINGFIELD — On Monday, a woman said that Sacred Heart-Griffin High School a job contract was revoked when the school found out she was a lesbian. The State Journal-Register of Springfield reported that Lauren White had posted about the revocation on her Facebook page on Monday. The school told the newspaper they were bound by the Roman Catholic Church directives about marriage equality and that’s why the job offer was revoked. In a statement to the Journal-Register, Sacred Heart-Griffin President Sister Katherine O’Connor said that the school’s employee contract states that “conduct that is inconsistent with the norms and dictates of the Roman Catholic Church is grounds for dismissal.” The Springfield Diocese sent the newspaper the staff contract, which says “with respect to religion and sexual orientation, as permitted by law, we reserve the right to exercise discretion in employment decisions to employ persons who share and are committed to the values and mission of the Catholic Church.”

The school became aware of White’s orientation when she said her fiancee was a woman. The newspaper reported that government couldn’t interfere with religious institutions’ hiring and firing decisions regarding employees after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Hosanna Tabor v. EEOC in 2012.

Indy school barred from Catholic athletics for refusing to fire gay teacher

INDIANAPOLIS — Brebeuf High School in Indianapolis has been barred from a Catholic athletic invitational after losing its status as a Catholic school. It lost the status after refusing to fire a gay teacher. The Indianapolis Star reported that the school’s girls’ golf team was left out of the Guerin Catholic Invitational on Aug. 5 at Guerin Catholic, a traditional season-opening event. The event also included Bishop Chatard, Cardinal Ritter, Cathedral and Roncalli.

Indy’s Cathedral High cuts ties with a teacher in a same sex marriage

INDIANAPOLIS — Days after Brebeuf high school separated from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, a new catholic school is in the news. 

Cathedral high school a non profit school in Indianapolis is “separating” itself from one of the schools teacher who happens to be in a same sex marriage. This decision comes after months of discussion with the archdiocese, and the school states it would have lost its non profit status if they did not comply with the demands from the archdiocese. 

The school released a letter to the public. Below you can read the full letter – 

Dear Cathedral Family,

On behalf of Cathedral’s Board of Directors, we write to you about an agonizing decision, made after 22 months of earnest discussion and extensive dialogue with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis about Cathedral’s continued Catholic identity. Cathedral’s Catholic identity

Cathedral was founded as a Catholic high school in 1918 by Bishop Joseph Chartrand. The Archdiocese of Indianapolis owned Cathedral but engaged The Brothers of Holy Cross to serve as faculty.

Indy school no longer Catholic after refusing to fire teacher in a same-sex marriage

INDIANAPOLIS — The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis will no longer recognize Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School as Catholic because it wouldn’t fire a teacher in a same-sex marriage. Indy TV station RTV6 on Thursday reported that the school’s board of trustees made the announcement in a letter to the school community. The board had been told that the “formal decree” would be announced by the archdiocese in the Criterion, the archdiocese’s newspaper, on or around Friday, June 21. 

From RTV6:
“Brebeuf Jesuit was founded in 1962 as an independent Catholic Jesuit school,” the letter to the Brebeuf Community said. “While we’ve enjoyed a collaborative partnership with the Archdiocese for nearly 57 years, we have always maintained control of our school’s operations and governance, including our personnel decisions.” Brebeuf says the decree comes after school leaders and the Archdiocese were in disagreement regarding whether the Archdiocese had the final say in staff matters, including employment status.