Phoenix Center presents LGBT Training on Sept. 20

SPRINGFIELD — The Phoenix Center will be hosting training sessions on working with the LGBTQ community on Friday, Sept. 20. From the Facebook event:
This training is for people working in direct service jobs who want to better understand LGBTQ terminology and culture. Topics included: LGBT specific terminology, understanding what it means to be transgender and the process of transitioning, implicit bias and microaggressions, medical disparities, and what you can do to create a welcoming environment. This training is 4 CEUs for social workers, therapists, counselors, psychologists, nurses, and teachers.

Woman says Springfield Catholic school withdrew job offer over orientation

SPRINGFIELD — On Monday, a woman said that Sacred Heart-Griffin High School a job contract was revoked when the school found out she was a lesbian. The State Journal-Register of Springfield reported that Lauren White had posted about the revocation on her Facebook page on Monday. The school told the newspaper they were bound by the Roman Catholic Church directives about marriage equality and that’s why the job offer was revoked. In a statement to the Journal-Register, Sacred Heart-Griffin President Sister Katherine O’Connor said that the school’s employee contract states that “conduct that is inconsistent with the norms and dictates of the Roman Catholic Church is grounds for dismissal.” The Springfield Diocese sent the newspaper the staff contract, which says “with respect to religion and sexual orientation, as permitted by law, we reserve the right to exercise discretion in employment decisions to employ persons who share and are committed to the values and mission of the Catholic Church.”

The school became aware of White’s orientation when she said her fiancee was a woman. The newspaper reported that government couldn’t interfere with religious institutions’ hiring and firing decisions regarding employees after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Hosanna Tabor v. EEOC in 2012.