CU at Zero conducting trans health survey

CHAMPAIGN — CU at Zero is conducting a transgender health survey of residents in Champaign County. The organizations said that the anonymous survey will identify key interests of transgender and gender non-conforming people in the county. The survey results will be used to develop action plans to better serve the community. You can take the survey at Please be sure to share the link for the survey.

Illinois HIV Action Alliance seeks responses for survey on HIV laws

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois HIV Action Alliance (IHAA) is looking for people to participate in an anonymous survey about awareness of Illinois HIV laws. In a post on the Illinois HIV Care Connect blog, the IHAA wants to  understand what people know about Illinois laws regarding HIV and how that affects them. IHAA will use this information to inform advocacy efforts, including building educational materials and outreach activities centered on the voices of people living with HIV and HIV-negative individuals who are at risk. You can take the survey here.

Survey: Support for religious objection refusals of LGBTQ is small but growing

WASHINGTON — A survey released Tuesday found that while two-thirds of Americans oppose allowing businesses to refuse service because of a religious objection, a growing number think it should be allowed. The survey from PRRI found that the biggest jump in religious based refusals involved LGBTQ people, going from 16% to 30%. Even with the jump, 67% oppose to such a police with gay and lesbian people and 68% oppose it for transgender people. However, nearly one-quarter (24%) of Americans think it is permissible to deny service to atheists if doing so violates their religious beliefs, compared to 22% with reference to Muslims, 19% to Jews, and 15% to African Americans. “A small but increasing number of Americans think it should be permissible to turn away customers based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or race,” said PRRI CEO and founder Robert P. Jones in a press release.

One-third of Americans would not be surprised if another Stonewall happened

Millennials are more aware of the Stonewall riots than other generations. WASHINGTON — A new The Hill/YouGov survey released today found that only one in four Americans approve of the Trump administration’s handling of LGBTQ issues. And 33%, a full third, would not be surprised if another event like Stonewall took place today. The Hill reported that while the Republicans gave stronger support than Democrats, a majority of both do not approve how the administration is handling LGBTQ issues. More than two-thirds (67%) of Democrats disapproved of its handling.