Midwest Bootblack Roundup, Feb. 19

CHICAGO – Have you had interested in Bootblacking or are you a Bootblack or just love Boots or Service! Well this weekend is for you!!! Come be apart of a great bunch of folks learn and celebrate the art of Blacking and support the community!!! This is going to be a great way if your intrested to Bootblack too!! We Will have:Friday: *Bootblack Meet and Greet*Silent Auction (will end at 2am on Saturday Morning)Saturday:*Bootblack Round Table – Hosted by (Surprise)*Light lunch with Chocolate Cake*Fieldtrip to Leather Archives and Museum*Best Boots Contest*2+ Blacking Stands(Will Rotate please message me if you want to black)*Shots – Sold by Windy City Boys Troup 🙂 Thank you!*Silent Auction(Will end at 2am Sunday Morning)Sunday:*Bootblack Haven Field TripMore Surprises to come!!Also The Money Raised will go to:The Carter Johnson Leather LibraryLeather Archives and MuseumGet Your Black on (Bring in Supply’s)Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/901874506528300/ Kevin Sparkie Perdue

Gamergate victim strikes back at male stalkers with a brilliant new ploy: Telling their moms

From Raw Story: Tired of harassment, rape threats, and obscene commentary from gamers stalking her on Facebook and Twitter, a female Australian  game reviewer for digital TV show Button Bash is striking back at her harassers in a new way: telling their moms.Alanah Pearce, who tweets under the name, @Charalanahzard posted a recent exchange she had with the mother one such stalker who was threatening her on Facebook.While many other women have reported rape and murder threats to the police and FBI — sometimes having to leave their homes and go into hiding – or had their personal information exposed online, the 20-year-old Pearce is using her social media skills to track down the profiles of the angry gamers and fighting back.Read more at Gamergate victim strikes back at male stalkers with a brilliant new ploy: Telling their moms