Lambda Legal signs contract with employee union

NEW YORK — LGBTQ advocacy group Lambda Legal signed a contract with its employee union on Monday. Both Lambda Legal and the union, Lambda Unites, announced the contract in press releases. 

Employees voted for form a union in December 2017 and had been negotiating with Lambda Legal since then. “This contract is security,” the union said in its statement. “It is knowing that Lambda Legal will be there for us so that we can continue to be there for those who need our help. It is the increased strength and efficacy of an organization – an organization that we and so many others believe in – when staff are guaranteed a seat at the table.”

Howard Brown, nurses union reach tentative agreement

CHICAGO — Howard Brown Health has reached a tentative agreement with the Illinois Nurses Association, the health provider announced Tuesday. Howard Brown, the largest LGBTQ health provider in Chicago, recognized the nurses’ union in September 2018. Contract negotiations have been going on since then. “On behalf of our patients and providers who depend on a collaborative care team, I am elated we have brokered a tentative agreement with our valued nursing staff,” said Dr. Magda Houlberg, Chief Clinical Officer for Howard Brown . “Much like the rest of the workforce, nurses demonstrate a passion for patient-centered care and deep dedication to the organization’s mission.

Howard Brown recognizes nurses’ union

Concerns rise about the union-busting reputation of the law firm that will negotiate for Howard Brown

CHICAGO — The Illinois Nurses Association said on Friday that Howard Brown Health had recognized the unionization of nurses at the LGBTQ health network. The INA made the announcement at a press conference on Friday in front of Howard Brown’s clinic on Sheridan road on the Chicago north side. The Sheridan clinic is the oldest of the 10 locations Howard Brown has in the city. INA Executive Director Alice Johnson made the announcement with Howard Brown nurses Katie Luedecke and Johannes Mosquera with Unitarian Universalist Rev. Jason Lydon who was part of a interfaith group that had given the the Howard Brown president a letter in support of unionization. “We hope our voices as nurses will be heard and our demands will be addressed,” Luedecke said at the conference.

Nurses push for union at Howard Brown

CHICAGO — A petition for union representation at Howard Brown hit the internet on Monday and is already getting a reaction. The petition calls on Howard Brown Health Center CEO, David Ernesto Munar, to voluntarily recognize the staff nurses’ right to unionize with the Illinois Nurses Association (INA). By 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, two days after it was posted, the petition had 1,251 names. Howard Brown is the largest LGBTQ health provider in the Midwest with 10 locations within Chicago, including the Broadway Youth Center. When contacted for comment, HB Director of Marketing and Communications Erik Roldan said, “Howard Brown Health is carefully reviewing the request and will directly respond in a timely manner to our petitioning staff.”