Sunday, July 3, 2022

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Green Day trailer preview for “Tre!”

Megan PurazrangWCB Music Writer This is the final teaser trailer for Green Day's trilogy album releases starting this fall. The band has officially finished...

Sneak Peak Video of Green Day’s new album Uno! Cover

Megan PurazrangWCB Music Writer Green Day's newest album Uno! will be the first album of the trilogy released on September 25, 2012, which will then...

Where the Hell Is Matt Now?

Tom WrayWCB EditorWe are FINALLY getting a new "Where the hell is Matt Harding" video. It comes out on July 20. Here's the teaser. For...

Florence + The Machine, “Breath Of Life” music video

Megan PurazrangWCB Music Writer  Florence + The Machine's song "Breath Of Life" can be heard in the new film Snow White & the Huntsman....

City Lights release music video teaser “Trophy Room”

Megan PurazrangWCB Music Writer Ohio native pop-punk rockers of the band City Lights released a short preview to their upcoming music video "Trophy Room."...

Video – Windy City Banner at C2E2 – The Leather Lair

Tom WrayWCB EditorThe Leather Lair was one of many places my partner and I had visited on the last day of C2E2. It was...

Battleship – Trailer 3 (HD)

Tom WrayWCB EditorThe trailer for Battleship has also premiered this week. Theoretically, it's based on the board game. Strangely enough, I don't remember big...

Video – Ted: Restricted Trailer

Tom WrayWCB EditorThe new trailer for Seth McFarlane's (Family Guy) first live action (sorta) movie. It stars Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, a guy...

Video – Featurette: Eureka – A Look Back

Tom WrayWCB EditorThe final season of Eureka starts next week. And thanks to SciFiMafia, we have this featurette from the cast of the show...

Lady Gaga – “The End Is Nigh” – (Parody of You And I)

Tom WrayWCB EditorIt's finally here! Venetian Princess's newest video! Watch it! It actually makes a bit of sense too. I mean, Snooki's baby really...

UPDATED: Dark Shadows – TV Spot 2

Tom WrayWCB EditorHmmm. The dialogue sounds good. Kick ass cast. Color me intrigued.Here's the full film trailer. Okay. I'm in.

Teaser- New Lady Gaga Parody Premiering Tomorrow

Our favorite parody singer (and drop dead gorgeous fellow geek) VenetianPrincess is releasing her latest video TOMORROW! Watch the teaser now and subscribe to her...

Video – Bite Me – “Viral” (Season 2 Ep 4)

The latest episode of Bite Me! And starting next week, they're moving to Fridays! So check back on April 6 for the next ep!

Adele – Rolling in the Deep – Chinese Zither Cover 古筝版 (REMASTERED)

We found this through Wil Weaton's tumblr feed. And all we can say is wow. Just wow.

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