Netflix pulls out filming because of anti-LGBTQ North Carolina law

WILMINGTON, N.C. — Netflix has stopped filming in North Carolina because of a bill that bars municipalities from passing LGBTQ protections. Jonas Pate, who created the show “OBX” that was going to film in North Carolina, is still pushing for filming to be done there. From the Wilmington News-Star:
But late last year, the streaming giant seemingly passed on the state after deep negotiations because of the remnants of House Bill 2, the bathroom bill that sparked a firestorm in 2016 and pushed production companies away because of its anti-LGBTQ language. The bill was eventually repealed partially, but some pieces remain in a replacement bill called HB142. Pate said one specific piece of HB142 — a clause forbidding municipalities from passing an ordinance excluding them from the bill’s restrictions — is a sticking point for Netflix, one of the largest and most influential media companies in the world.